Raiden Fighter - Galaxy Storm

Raiden Fighter - Galaxy Storm 1.0

Drive the Raiden Fighter to combat against aliens

From game developer Be, Raiden Fighter - Galaxy Storm is a must for gamers looking for high-octane space adventures at the touch of their finger tips.

In this energetic space shooter, players must guide their pilot and Raiden Fighter through an increasingly lethal fleet of alien invaders, deploying all manner of firepower and high energy weapons at the attackers before the last of mankind is wiped from the face of existence.

Whether it's your first time playing this type of game, or you're a dab hand, it's incredibly easy to get started with Raiden Fighter - Galaxy Storm. With simple controls tailored for touchscreens and mobile devices, players can pull off incredible moves with their vessel and unleash devastating attacks with just a few well trained movements of the hand.

Players need only swipe side to side t avoid incoming missiles and attacks from enemy fighters, collecting lucrative power ups and ammo in their wake to replenish their arsenal.

It's easy to get caught up with Raiden Fighter - Galaxy Storm, with immersive gameplay and stunning graphics that instantly transport players to another galaxy. You'll love the attention to detail, with stunning ships and character designs, not to mention engaging cut scenes and FMVs to reward the most patient players with incredible extra rounds of storytelling.

For players looking for more from their app games, Raiden Fighter won't disappoint. There's bags of extra fighting vessels, weapons and bonuses to collect, letting you take another shot at a completed level with renewed firepower and better stats. Earn high scores like never before and dominate the hall of fame, or invite friends to take you on once you've built yourself an unbeatable mother ship to quash the enemy invaders.

If you're interested in collaborative play, Raiden Fighter offers instant play alongside countless players online. Storm the enemy side by side with online friends, or take on another player on the other side of the world, whenever the mood takes. With new content and upgrades added all the time, there's always something new to look forward to every time you fire this app up.

Raiden Fighter - Galaxy Storm


Raiden Fighter - Galaxy Storm 1.0

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